About Douglas Kent

My professional life is advising others on the care of old buildings at the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB). Now my home life is to be absorbed through a major project on my grade-I-listed house. Follow my experiences.

My background is as a chartered building surveyor with a Masters degree in the conservation of buildings. Since 2000 I have been Technical Secretary at the SPAB, Britain’s oldest building conservation charity. I oversee the Society’s technical activities, including enquiries, publications and courses of a technical nature. This is a hugely varied and rewarding role that places me at the heart of building conservation.

Previously I’ve worked in the public and private sectors advising on historic buildings for a range of organisations, such as the Ministry of Defence and English Heritage.

I am a member of the technical panels of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation and Property Care Association and the committees of the Traditional Paint Forum and Conservation of Historic Thatch group. I also write and lecture regularly on technical matters and have contributed to various radio and television programmes.

The SPAB was set up by the designer William Morris in 1877 to promote the principles of ‘conservative repair’. I’m relishing the challenge of putting these principles into practice with my work to sympathetically update, alter and repair my 15th-century, timber-framed house in Essex, which, by a remarkable coincidence, the SPAB saved from harm in the 1930s.

For more on the SPAB see www.spab.org.uk.

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