Working Party: Day 2

The Saxon farmstead in Sussex, Sullington Manor Farm, has been a hive of activity today. It’s the second day of the SPAB’s annual Working Party and work is well under way. Despite the size of this ambitious project — extensive repairs to six buildings in five days — our army of volunteers and experts are optimistic that everything will be completed by the end of the week.

Sullington Manor

Sullington Manor

The work at St Mary’s church, Sullington has called for all hands on deck.  Volunteers, along with building conservation expert Anthony Goode and our own Douglas Kent, are working on the boundary wall of the churchyard. The 10-strong team have removed the ivy that has damaged the stonework and are now repointing with a non-hydraulic mortar mix (1 lime putty : 3 locally sourced sharp sand).

Repointing the boundary wall of St Mary's Sullington

Repointing the boundary wall of St Mary’s Sullington

A particularly intrepid volunteer donned his abseiling gear to scale the interior of the Saxon tower at St Mary’s church, Sullington. Concrete mortar on the exterior of the tower had caused dampness issues inside.

Lime washing inside St Mary's church, Sullington

Lime washing inside St Mary’s church, Sullington

Another major project is the repairs to the cart shed. The base of an integral plinth had become rotten and the weight of the unsupported tile roof had caused the timber walls to buckle. A team of Scholars, Fellows and volunteers have began to carry out structural repairs and low-level repointing.

Repairs to the cart shed

Repairs to the cart shed


Repointing with lime mortar


Timber for the week’s repairs to the cart shed

For more photos around the site, please visit our Facebook page. The SPAB will be blogging from the Working Party site all week. Subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss an update.


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