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Working Party: Day 5


The SPAB 2015 Working Party is drawing to a close. A packed programme on and off site made for a busy week; our volunteers have done a remarkable job on the six structures across Sullington Manor farmstead. Sensitive and skilled repair work has ensured the future of this special collection of Saxon buildings.

Crushing chalk for the lime mix

Last minute batches of lime were mixed for the final repairs of the week. The scaffolding around St Mary’s Church came down in time for the wedding due to take place there tomorrow. New timber (Douglas fir) was used to replace the unsalvageable 20th century planks on the cart shed.

Timber replacements on the cart shed

Jonny Garlick, Working Party project manager, says: “The atmosphere on site has been electric…such an enjoyable experience. It’s been an absolute pleasure working alongside such a great group of people”. We’re looking forward to the SPAB Working Party 2016!